Leizu Camisole

Assorted Botanicals

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Nothing comes between you and your Leizu. Peaking out from under every sweater, every day of the winter. In Spring and Summer, it's all you need. Our Camisole is cut on the bias, so fits like she was tailor made. Made of 100% silk charmeuse, each camisole is a a one-of-a-kind, hand dyed botanical collage. You may be tempted to own one in every color.

It bears mention that because silk is a protein fiber, it has the magical power of helping your body retain heat in cold weather and expell excess heat in warm weather.


Because Leizu Collection pieces are made in collaboration with nature, we fully embrace the element of chance. Each piece is a painting and no two are alike. Expect to be delighted by the variations in patterns and colors and get ready to fall in love with your one-of-a-kind piece! 

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    Small (2,4,6) Medium (6,8) Large (10, 12). Bias Cut. Adjustable Straps.

  • Care Instructions+

    Silk is among the strongest natural fibers; treat your Camisole with care and it will last. Hand Wash in cool water, with gentle detergent. Air dry in the shade.