Story of the Wedding Dress

but darling
you are a river.
the rocks will
break you.
the valleys will bend you.
but you will never stop.
because that is what you do.
you flow.


It is my intention only to be open to transformation. To understand that the rocks, valleys and the fast moving currents that wash us down the river on this journey that we are all lucky enough to experience, make us whole. What is essential to flow, is being open to letting go.

To take a pair of scissors to my mothers once beloved wedding gown, welcomes piercing feelings. But something beautiful is on the other side and it is my intention to actively discover it. I am compelled to dismantle this dress, because the fading materials have a past and magnitude. Once there is a shift in form, hopefully new life will emerge, while the beauty and depth of the old remain.

There is no guidebook here, no plan. I welcome you to join me in the process. I cannot promise anything beautiful. I cannot promise anything profound. But I will not stop, because what I must do is FLOW.