Leizu Throw

Carnation / Chrysanthemum

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Nap with your art. Sprinkling flowers onto silk creates a painting where colors, composition, and the element of chance are at play. Our Leizu Throw is like two paintings sewn back to back. Slip into an ethereal state under the weight of nature’s most luxurious fiber and her most visually stimulating offerings, flowers and leaves. Light weight but uber warm, you will find it hard to pull yourself away. It’s an experience.

Because Leizu Collection pieces are made in collaboration with nature, we fully embrace the element of chance. Each piece is a painting and no two are alike. Expect to be delighted by the variations in patterns and colors and get ready to fall in love with your one-of-a-kind piece! 
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    Dimensions: 52" x 72"
  • Care Instructions+

    Silk is among the strongest natural fibers; treat your throw with care and it will last. Hand Wash in cool water, with gentle detergent. For ultimate softness, add a tablespoon of distilled vinegar in the final rinse to restore the PH balance.
    Gently Squeeze out excess moisture. Never wring. Air dry in the shade, Do not tumble dry. You may Iron from barely damp on reverse side on a low setting, but it’s not necessary, as wrinkles will soften with use