At Elizabeth Few Studio, we believe in creating a connection with people through what we make. Our art is a collaboration between the expression of our ideas and the inherited story of its materials. With a passion to surround ourselves with objects that have meaning, every element in our collections has been considered, knowing it will evolve into a more enduring story - one that is uniquely your own.

New! Leizu No. 1 Botanical Mist

Botanical Mist

Botanical Mist

Leizu No. 1 Botanical Mist is sexy, delicious, refreshing, calming and beautiful with every spritz. We’ve combined essential oils of sandalwood (which can lift melancholy and help you to fall asleep more easily,) grapefruit (known to reduce stress and stimulate circulation,) peppermint (which can invigorate and empower) and rare magnolia (which is soothing and instills a sense of wonder in the world) in a base of rosewater and reverse osmosis water. Mist your pillowcase, pulse points, home, hair— anywhere or anything that you want to smell divine. For the full scent story, click here.

~Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, rosewater, witch hazel, essential oils of magnolia, sandalwood, grapefruit and peppermint, paraben-free optiphen.

~Use often and keep out of direct sun.

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Nature generously indulges our desire for beauty and Silk is one of nature's most miraculous gifts.