At Elizabeth Few Studio, art is the expression of ideas, in whatever form they take or materials used in the process of bringing those ideas to fruition. Here, we believe beauty stems from thoughtfulness and impeccable craftsmanship. Elizabeth Few aspires to bring the same ingenuity to her work as a designer that she utilizes in the development of a piece of fine art. She started designing home goods to give deeper meaning to the necessary objects that surround her and her family. Her approach to interior design is that of art installation, and her goal is to inspire and enhance one's feelings of well-being.

All of the work that comes out of the Elizabeth Few Studio is made in a deliberate and responsible way. In her workshop, the creation of a collage may feel more like the work of craft or couture, whereas a hand-dyed silk throw blanket is like two paintings, back to back. Color, composition, and the element of chance are often at play, and functional pieces are given added dimension when one interacts with them and becomes part of the equation. This is where art and life intersect, and this is where we choose to exist.


Elizabeth Few's body of work includes intricate collages created from thousands of tiny specks of recycled paper, hand-dyed fiber collages made from dismantling her mother's 55-year-old wedding dress, and luxury home goods inspired by 20th century art. Since moving to Richmond, Virginia, in 2014, her many creative endeavors co-exist within the Elizabeth Few Studio. She now enjoys the solitude of creating her art alongside the joy of entrepreneurship and a community of local craftspeople whom she collaborates with to bring her designs to life. Elizabeth’s background includes fine art, fashion, costume, interior, and product design. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from the College of Charleston as well as a Fashion Design degree from Parsons School of Design. After working for many years in the fashion industry, she left in search of new channels for her creativity. With profound inspiration from the “Quilts of Gee’s Bend” in 2003, Elizabeth began experimenting with collage as an art form and continues to explore this method in her fine art as well as in her approach to botanically dyed silk goods. Elizabeth has also had the opportunity to design interior spaces in New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans, and also works with clients and interior designers to create custom pieces.  
Regardless of method or material, Elizabeth Few creates art that is intended to tell a story and create meaningful connections with the owner or viewer.


Sustainability is good for the earth, good for society and good for the economy (which is where you come in). Sustainability is our ultimate goal and at the core of everything that we do. In our daily practices and lives, we work to honor and protect our planet and the people and animals that inhabit it. Whether we are using wilting leaves and petals to dye our fabrics, reincarnating a 19th century dress, or repurposing discarded pages of old fashion magazines into a work of art, we are thoughtful about everything we create and the materials and practices that we use to create them. We believe a house full of meaningful items that have been thoughtfully collected, is a true home. We only want to bring goodness into your life and are working hard to build our business with goodness as a driving force. We believe customers are collectors, investing in pieces that are designed and constructed to be heirlooms. We treat employees like family. We believe in creating a connection with people through what we make. Each fiber and stitch has been considered, knowing that it will evolve into belonging to part of a greater and enduring story. We hope our story becomes part of your story.