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Botanical Mist


Leizu No. 1 is our luxury hydrosol floral water for the body and mind.  Made with reverse osmosis rosewater and cortisol-lowering essential oils, it's the perfect final step in your nighttime routine. Mist your body, mist your pillow, and prepare to be transported to a state of bliss. 

Blended with rare magnolia, sandalwood and grapefruit to reduce stress, calm the body, and promote peace.  For the full scent story, click here.

Fragrance Notes and Ingredients: 

Reverse osmosis water, rosewater, witch hazel.

Essential oils of magnolia, sandalwood, grapefruit and peppermint, paraben-free optiphen.

Use often and keep out of direct sun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Effie Shinas

Absolutely love this heavenly mist!!

Must have

This scent was on my exquisite face mask when I got it so now I have to buy some. I can’t even describe how wonderful it smells. And what a great appreciation gift it would be for a front-line worker who has to wear a mask all day.